FinDer for Windows


Now you can also use FinDer in Microsoft Excel

Our aim is to offer FinDer in a form that is easy to use and covers the needs of a diverse body of prospective users. Our experience suggests that financial calculations are frequently performed by systems that include custom made and off-the-self software components, and where the interaction between the two types of components is frequent.

Recently we released FinDer as a dynamic link library for Windows. The library is flexible, it contains our most recent implementation of low discrepancy sequences without any compromise, it simplifies the installation process, and it avoids many of the previous technical requirements.

The new release of FinDer contains:

  1. A very simple driver for FinDer without any of the distributed computing features. The intention is to demonstrate how point generators can be integrated in already existing software, and that the code easily compiles and runs on non UNIX platforms.
  2. A dynamic link library (dll) for Windows XP/Vista/Windows7 with the low discrepancy point generators and some additional utility functions.
  3. Documentation describing the components of the library, their use, examples and a brief discussion about low discrepancy methods.



FinDerXL is a Microsoft Excel add-in that allows one to use the low discrepancy sequences in implemented in FinDer in Excel workbooks. The add-in is written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and consists of a number of functions, macros and a user interface (UI). FinDerXL does not include but relies on FinderLib.dll, the Windows dynamic link library, that contains the code for FinDer.

FinDerXL is available in the following forms:

1.Ready to use Microsoft Excel add-in (.xla), which is very easy to use because it does not require any programming knowledge at all.

2.The source code realizing the Add-In, i.e., its functions, macros and UI.