Workshop on Rapid Malcode (WORM)

Workshop Program


Friday November 11, 2005 at George Mason University (Fairfax, VA)


8:30AM-8:50AM Registration and Breakfast

8:50AM-9:00AM Welcome and Introduction, Angelos Keromytis


9:00AM-11:00AM Session I, Chair: Matt Williamson (Sana Security)


Invited talk: Emerging Threats

Brian Hernacki, (Symantec)


Instant Messaging Worms, Analysis and Countermeasures (slides)

Mohammad Mannan and Paul C. van Oorschot (Carleton University)


Self-Stopping Worms (slides)

Justin Ma, Geoffrey Voelker, and Stefan Savage (UCSD)


11:00AM-11:30AM Break


11:30AM-1:15PM Session II, Chair: Anup Ghosh (DARPA)


Invited talk: Scalable Internet Threat Monitoring

Stefan Savage (UCSD)


A Self-Learning Worm Using Importance Scanning (slides)

Zesheng Chen and Chuanyi Ji (Georgia Tech)


On the Effectiveness of Automatic Patching (slides)

Milan Vojnovic and Ayalvadi Ganesh (Microsoft Research)


1:15PM-2:15PM Lunch (Buffet, provided)


2:15PM-4:00PM Session III, Chair: Kostas Anagnostakis (Institute for Infocomm Research Singapore)


Invited Talk: An Analysis of the Witty Outbreak: Exploiting Underlying Structure for Detailed Reconstructions of an Internet-scale Event

Vern Paxson (ICSI)


Worm Evolution Tracking via Timing Analysis (slides)

Moheeb Abu Rajab, Fabian Monrose, and Andreas Terzis (Johns Hopkins University)


The Limits of Global Scanning Worm Detectors in the Presence of Background Noise (slides)

David W. Richardson, Steven D. Gribble, and Edward D. Lazowska (University of Washington)


4:00PM-4:30PM Break


4:30PM-6:00PM Session IV, Chair: Fabian Monrose (JHU)


Defending Against Hitlist Worms Using Network Address Space Randomization (slides)

Spyros Antonatos, Periklis Akritidis, Evangelos Markatos, and Kostas G. Anagnostakis (FORTH-ICS Greece and Institute for Infocomm Research Singapore)


Host-Based Detection of Worms Through Peer-to-Peer Cooperation (slides)

David J. Malan and Michael D. Smith (Harvard University)


The Detection of RCS Worm Epidemics (slides)

Kurt Rohloff and Tamer Basar (UIUC)