Computational Tools for Modeling, Visualizing and Analyzing Historic and Archaeological Sites

National Science Foundation Grant IIS-0121239

This has been a 6 year project, begun in September 2001, and work related to the project is still ongoing. We had a number of broad research goals in this research project:



France Modeling the Cathedral of Ste. Pierre, Beauvais, France

Video Tour of the Cathedral

New York Modeling Cathedral of St. John The Divine

Site Information

Sicily Modeling Acropolis at Mt. Polizzo, Sicily

Site Information

South Africa Modeling Thulamela

Site Information

Governors Island Fort Jay Model
Egypt Excavations at Amheida, Egypt

Panorama Modeling of Egyptian Site

Archaeological Visualization Collaborative Visualization of an Archaeological Excavation

Cross-Dimensional Gestural Interaction

Databases for Archaeology ArchQuery:Columbia Faceted Database Query Engine
Texture Mapping Building illumination coherent 3D models of large-scale outdoor scenes
France Romanesque Church Database

Project Participants:

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Contact: Peter Allen