Wed. 4:10- 6:00, 327 MUDD

Professor Peter Allen

TA: Hao Dang

This course is a seminar course on the field of Humanoid Robots. Humanoid robots have finally achieved critical mass as the hardware technology has reached the point where practical and useful humanoids now exist. Adding sensing, perception and cognition to these platforms is a challenging and exciting problem.

We will be reading papers on the topics below, and students will be able to do projects related to the topics below. We will also have guest lectures by leading roboticists in the field, including live demos of existing humanoid robots.

Students will be graded on 1) class participation, 2) a paper presentation on one of the reading list papers, and 3) a short final report or project.

Prerequisites: A course in at least ONE of the following: AI, Robotics, Computer Graphics or Computer Vision

Class Schedule


Student Talk Schedule

Topics to be covered: