COMS W4115
Programming Languages and Translators
Lecture 3: January 29, 2014
The Essence of C++
Guest Lecture by Professor Bjarne Stroustrup

The Essence of C++ with Examples in C++84, C++98, C++11, and C++14



Bjarne Stroustrup is a Managing Director in the technology division of Morgan Stanley in New York City, a Visiting Professor in Computer Science at Columbia University, and a Research Distinguished Professor at Texas A&M University.

Bjarne is the creator and implementor of the C++ programming language. To make C++ a stable and up-to-date base for real-world software development, he has been a leading figure with the ISO C++ standards effort for more than 20 years.

See Bjarne Stroustrup's homepage for Bjarne's many books and articles about C++ and how to program in it effectively.

Bjarne has received numerous awards and honors including the ACM Grace Murray Hopper award, Dr. Dobb's Excellence in Programming Award, and the IEEE Computer Society's Computer Entrepreneur Award. He is a member of National Academy of Engineering and the Texas Academy of Medicine, Engineering, and Science. He is a fellow of the ACM, AT&T, Bell Labs, and IEEE.