COMS W3261
Computer Science Theory
Lecture 1: September 5, 2012
Introduction to Computer Science Theory

1. Teaching Staff

2. Schedule

3. Course Objectives

4. Course Syllabus

5. Textbooks and References

6. Course Requirements

7. Languages

8. Proofs

9. Practice Problems

  1. How many (a) prefixes, (b) suffixes, (c) substrings, (d) subsequences are there in a string of length n?
  2. What does it mean for a string to have balanced parentheses?
  3. Prove that the following recursive definition generates all and only all strings of balanced parentheses.
  4. Research problem: If x is a string of length m and y is a string of length n, then what is the maximum possible number of longest common subsequences between x and y as a function of m and n?

10. Reading Assignment