Columbia University Women in Computer Science

Meet the Board

The WICS Board meets once every week or two to plan upcoming events and programs. Currently, most of our members are graduate students, but we would welcome more undergraduate involvement! Please email Jiaqi Liu if you are interested in applying for a board position.

Current Board

Jiaqi Liu

Noura Abdul Aziz Farra
VP Career

Amrita Mazumdar
VP Social

Eva Sitaridi
VP Academic

Hila Gutfreund
VP Outreach

Erica Cooper

Angela Wei

Jessica Ouyang
Publicity Chair

Faiza Khan Khattak
Membership Chair

Sarah Ita Levitan
Mentorship Chair

Samara Trilling
Social Media Chair

Jane Kim
Website Chair

Heba Elfardy
Event Coordinator

Payal Saurav
Event Coordinator