Contact Information

The TA Coordinator
Jill Jermyn
Adrian Tang
Email: tacoord [at]

The TA Coordinators serve as the primary communication channel between the students and the TA system. Contact them if you have questions about TA rules and regulations, complaints regarding a particular TA, suggestions for making the ta.cs web page more useful, comments about the Computer Science help room, or any other questions regarding TAs. All messages will be kept confidential and your identity will not be revealed to TAs or professors. The TA coordinators also serve as the TA room maintainer. Contact them if anything is broken in the TA room.

The TA Czar
Professor Dan Rubenstein
Email: danr [at]
(212) 939-7048

The TA Czar appoints TAs and maintains and oversees the TA system. Only contact her about curriculum issues, problems with the TA Coordinator, and particularly special circumstances. All other messages should be sent to the TA Coordinator. 

Financial Manager
Cindy Walters
Email: cindy [at]
(212) 939-7017
476 Computer Science Building

The Financial Manager processes the payment for TAs. Contact her if there is an issue with the TA payment.


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