TAing for PhD Students

See the PhD program documentation for details of teaching requirements.

Teaching (not TAing) a 1-credit course counts as 1 TA requirement; teaching a 3-credit course counts as 2 TA requirements. TAing a large 4k or 6k 3-credit course counts as 1 unit. Please contact the PhD Czar (phdczar@cs) to find out which courses are acceptable.
All PhD students should coordinate TAing with their advisor - the advisors need to approve of their TAing (whether for requirement or not).

The instructions below apply both for those TAing for fulfilling requirements and for those TAing for added compensation.

How to Apply
Fill out the online application on this page and send an e-mail to the TA Coordinator (tacoord@cs) and TA Czar (taczar@cs), informing them that you are planning to TA during the upcoming semester.

All applications from PhD students TAing for credit should be received well in advance of the desired term, preferrably by the middle of the preceeding term. Applications for remaing positions are accepted until positions are filled.

All appointments are subject to courses having sufficient enrollments. The standard load is 25 students per TA. Double credit is sometimes possible for classes with high enrollment; such an arrangement must be approved in advance by the TA Czar, and the student must offer double the number of office hours. 

Contact the taczar with any questions.


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