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When you are a TA/CA


Federal regulations specify that you are NOT allowed to perform duties until a valid I-9 has been completed and submitted to the department. TA/CAs who have never performed duties at the university must complete an I-9 regardless of citizenship or visa status. Failure to complete and submit the I-9 and other necessary paperwork to Admin Office Room 451 immediately following accepting the TA/CA position in MICE will result in a delay in pay.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are on a visa type other than F-1 or J-1, CS TA/CA positions are not available to you. In addition, if your country has a tax treaty with the US, please look out for the information that the Payroll Department will send you.

If you are completing a mandatory PhD program teaching requirement, you do not need to complete any paperwork and only have to accept the position in MICE. If you are currently funded as a GRA, you will be paid for TA duties as add-comp and need only to accept the position in MICE.

When selected as a TA/CA, you MUST complete the following within ONE WEEK of your assignment:

Please note that these steps are independent of each other, so you can do them in any order.

1) Paperwork and Payment

All TA/CSs must accept the TA/CA positions in MICE to initiate the payment process. Students completing a mandatory PhD program teaching requirement do not have to complete any paperwork, but are required to accept the position in MICE. All currently funded GRA students who will be paid, for TA duties as add-comp must accept the position in MICE and complete the Add Comp Authorization form found on the CS IA page. Upon completion you must forward the form, via email attachment, to your faculty advisor for approval. The completed and approved form must be submitted to Room 451 for additional approvals and processing. Please copy Maria Joanta on all Add Comp approval requests emails sent to faculty. All others must refer to the “Appointment Process” section on the CS IA Page at this link -

It is imperative that you obtain your I-9 as soon as you accept the position in MICE. Your official start date is the day when the semesters start (Sept 1 or Jan 1). If you are completing the I-9 after the semester started, your official start date is the day when you complete the I-9. Employment documentation should be completed and submitted as outlined in employment documentation found on the IA Page within one week of accepting the position to ensure timely processing of your pay.

2) Apply for CS Account

Fill in the online application using MICE:

Sponsor: IA Coordinator
Account Type: Select appropriate 'Student' account type depending on whether your are an undergrad, MS, or Ph.D. student.

3) Office Hours (in MICE and on course page)

Enter your office hours (OHs) in MICE. Also, post your OHs on your course page. Any changes to OHs must be posted on the course page or bulletin board.

Log into MICE.

From the 'More' > 'Mice' menu select 'Edit Office hours' and update your OHs. If you will hold your OHs in the TA room, select Mudd 122A in the 'Room' drop down box.

4) Computer Science Department Academic Honesty Policy

All TA/CAs are expected to have read the Computer Science Department Academic Honesty Policy.

The TA/CAs are highly encouraged to post the link to the CS department Academic Honesty policy on their class bulletin boards to emphasize the importance of this policy.

5) TA/CAing at Columbia

The Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) offers valuable resources on teaching and TA/CAing.

Please refer to FAQ for more information.