TA Room Information

Telephone Number

The telephone number for the help room is 212-854-4916.

TA Room Scheduling

This will apply to those of you using the TA room (Mudd 1st level) for your office hours. To better manage the use of the TA room, we have created a doodle page to provide info on when the TA room is most or least utilized. This will hopefully help you better plan your office hours in the TA room. Do note that the information on the doodle page is purely informational, and we do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the content. This is not a reservation or sign up sheet for the TA room. TAs can plan their office hours as they see fit (in coordination with the class instructor).

For all TAs using the TA room for office hours, please indicate your office hours using the follo wing doodle link:



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