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Get paid to help reduce harassment and abuse of journalists on social media


We are a team of researchers developing new computational tools designed to automatically identify abusive, offensive and harassing speech on social media platforms. As a first step, this work will develop tools that smartly identify the nuances of problematic speech targeted towards women journalists on Twitter. As such, we are offering $50 to women-identifying journalists who are willing to both share parts of their Twitter history with us (this can be easily downloaded from your Twitter account), and spend up to an hour using our interactive tool to label Tweets you've received. We believe that by getting your expert understanding of the kinds of Tweets that are problematic, we can develop better tools to help you manage your social media interactions according to your priorities and preferences.


We know this is a complicated and potentially sensitive problem, and are happy to answer questions about how we will use your data and what we will do with our results. Please use the link below to indicate your interest.

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