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T&S Software Associates Server Michael Keilhofer proxy server [redirect server, registration server], location server Zeus is based on T-S Software SIP stack and is currently in the Telecom Technologies SIP inter-operability lab. It supports the following interfaces:
PSTN    - T1
          ISDN PRI

IP      - H.323 (slow and fast start) (Radvision stack)
          SIP V2.0 (T&S stack)

The system is comprised of both an application server and a media server. It is designed for flexibility and targeted for those that wish to create their own unique calling services.

It has the following features:

  1. Full call and program control via a script language similar to visual basic. Calls may be treated according to the port they came in on, information received with the call, or selection made by the caller.
  2. All basic media services:
    • play audio messages
    • record audio messages
    • collect DTMF
    • Generate DTMF
    • generate tones (busy, dial tone, SIT, reorder, etc.)
    • send and receive faxes
    • text-to-speech
    • multiple languages
    • ODBC database access
    • FSK send and receive
  3. Advanced media services:
    • auto-attendant
    • voice-mail
    • outbound telemarketing
    • e-mail integration with voice-mail
    • one-number services
    • Call detail records
    • call statistics
    • user definable logging
    • event generation to an event monitor as well as SNMP
    • speech recognition (Nuance)
  4. Available 4Q00:
    • pre/post paid calling card
    • 3 and 6 port conferencing (on demand)

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