Organization Name of software Contact Type Description
RADVISION RADVISION express SIP Toolkit Itamar Gilad (itamarg@radvision.com) Lightweight SIP + SDP + RTP Toolkit
  • Lightweight SIP toolkit for development of compact, high performance SIP applications optimized for the needs of embedded system with memory constraints.
  • Small code footprint
  • Low per-call memory consumption
  • Compliant to RFC 2543bis (SIP), RFC 2327 (SDP), RFC 1889 (RTP) and tested in SIP bakeoffs.
  • Multilevel and object oriented API providing both high-level abstract functionality for easy rapid development with minimal coding and mid and low level APIs for full control and customization.
  • Layered and open architecture allows for a high degree of extensibility and flexibility.
  • No dynamic memory allocations during run-time.
  • Parsing and encoding of any SIP and SDP message part standard or non-standard.
  • Coded in ANSI C.
  • Extensive logging.
  • Fully documented and complete with easy to follow sample code and test application.
  • Ported to most widely used operating systems. Easy to port to any platform including RTOSs.

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