Organization Name of software Contact Type Description
Pingtel xpressa (IP phone, hard and soft) Steve Guthrie SIP UA - Ethernet phone, and soft phone for Windows "Pingtel's xpressa Ethernet telephone is the worlds first Java VoIP telephone. It exploits the capabilities of both SIP and Java to provide an intelligent, extensible VoIP endpoint. Details:
  • The phone is a full SIP User Agent implementation -- control and media -- in a 21st century phone enclosure (or in a softphone package for Windows).
  • The functionality of xpressa phones is extensible by third parties via an SDK available to developers registered in Pingtel's developer program (free).
  • xpressa phones are principally designed to be function as the customer premises equipment for hosted IP PBX services supplied to businesses by commercial IP telephony service providers. It is also available for OEM to premises-based SIP IP PBX systems vendors."

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