SIP Drafts: QoS

OSP Authorization Token Header for SIP
A. Johnston, D. Rawlins, H. Sinnreich
November 2000
This draft proposes a new SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) header OSP-Authorization-Token for carrying an OSP (Open Settlements Protocol) authorization token between domains.

QoS and AAA Usage with SIP Based IP Communications

July 2000
This document specifies the architecture, protocols and messages for SIP based IP communications between Internet domains in support of QoS and AAA. Detailed message flows and message contents are discussed and specified. AAA requirements including inter-domain and user authorization in mobile and non-mobile environments are addressed. A solution is proposed where session setup and teardown are linked with QoS and AAA signaling using AAA policy servers and clearinghouses.

AAA Usage for IP Telephony with QoS
H. Sinnreich, D. Rawlins, A. Johnston, S. Donovan, S. Thomas
July 2000
This draft specifies the AAA functions and message exchanges for interdomain SIP telephony call setup with QoS. Usage accounting is provided with clearing house support using the Open Settlement Protocol. Interdomain message exchanges use existing IETF protocols. The use of existing protocols is however modeled in the proposed AAA Architecture of the IETF AAAArch RG. Though the approach has been developed specifically for IP telephony, using the AAA Architecture may allow a future AAA protocol to go beyond IP telephony to serve alike for other applications.

SIP Precedence mapping to MLPP Interworking
J. Polk.
March 2000.
Interdomain IP Communications with QoS, Authorization and Usage Reporting
H. Sinnreich, S. Donovan, D. Rawlins, S. Thomas.
March 2000.
Integration of Resource Management and SIP for IP Telephony
W. Marshall et al. June 2000.
This document discusses how network QoS and security establishment can be made a precondition to sessions initiated by the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), and described by SDP. These preconditions require that the participant reserve network resources (or establish a secure media channel) before continuing with the session. We do not define new QoS reservation or security mechanisms; these pre-conditions simply require a participant to use existing resource reservation and security mechanisms before beginning the session.
Use of SIP for the Reservation of QoS guaranteed Paths
M. Gibson and J. Crowcroft. October 1999.
DIAMETER: Policy and Accounting Extension for SIP
Ping Pan, Henning Schulzrinne and Pat Calhoun

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