SIP Drafts: Of Historical Interest

Best Current Practice for ISUP to SIP mapping
G. Camarillo, A. Roach. March 2000.
This document describes a way to perform the mapping between two signalling protocols: SIP and ISUP.

SIP For Presence
Jonathan Rosenberg and Henning Schulzrinne
replaced by presence drafts

SIP Call Control Services
Henning Schulzrinne and Jonathan Rosenberg
partially replaced by draft-ietf-sip-cc-transfer-00.txt

Reliability of Provisional Responses in SIP
Jonathan Rosenberg, Henning Schulzrinne
Replaced by draft-ietf-sip-100rel-00, using end-to-end reliability.

Establishing QoS and Security Preconditions for SDP Sessions
J. Rosenberg, H. Schulzrinne, S. Donovan.
Replaced by draft-manyfolks-sip-resource-00.txt.

Integration of Resource Management and Call Signaling for IP Telephony
W. Marshall, K. Ramakrishnan, E. Miller, G. Russell, B. Beser,M. Mannette, K. Steinbrenner, D. Oran, J. Pickens, P. Lalwaney, J. Fellows, D. Evans, K. Kelly, F. Andreasen

SIP Telephony Service Examples With Call Flows
R. Sparks, C. Cunningham, A. Johnston, S. Donovan, K. Summers. October 1999.
replaced by Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Call Flows

Service Requirements for Internet Telephony Signaling and Device Control Protocols
Henry Sinnreich and Francois Menard

SIP for Click-To-Dial-Back and Third-Party Control
Henning Schulzrinne
Replaced by PINT protocol.

SIP+ Inter MGC Protocol
Eric Zimmerer (Level(3) Communications); replaced by SIP BCP
Replaced by SIP-T effort.

Assignment of status codes for HTTP and HTTP-derived protocols
Henning Schulzrinne
Died a quiet death by neglect.

The multipart/sip-id media type
C. Huitema
Replaced by wording in 2543bis.

The PINT Service Protocol: Extensions to SIP and SDP for IP Access to Telephone Call Services
Scott Petrack and Lawrence Conroy, August 1999.

Simple conference invitation protocol
Henning Schulzrinne
Internet Draft, Internet Engineering Task Force, Feb. 1996 Work in progress.

MIME type for ISUP messages
M. Watson. October 1999.

E. Zimmerer, A. Vemuri. Obsolete

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