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Hughes Software Systems SIP Server Development Framework SIP Proxy, Registrar, Redirect, Location server, B2BUA, AS, CSCF,  etc. The SDF is a full featured Server Application provided by HSS which can either be run out of the box or customized at either code level or configuration file level to suit individual customer needs. The SDF can be used to implement any kind of SIP Server.

Some salient features: 

  • Written in C|++ 
  • Compliant to ISO C++ and EC++ 
  • Framework components cleanly divided and can be compiled out if not needed (eg one can compile out the Proxy Framework if only a Redirect application is needed). 
  • Implements all core functionalities of the SIP protocol and exposes very simple invocations and callbacks to the user . 
  • Highly customisable. The user has full control on all policy related parameters as well as parameters where there are more than one possible ways to handle. 
  • Higly flexible. The developer can extend the framework to incorporate any new components that s/he may want to add on using well defined interfaces to plugin the same into the SDF. 
  • Can be run out-of-the-box with no code change required
  • Can be customized either through an XML based configuration file (no code change!) or through code derivation
  • Compliant to all protocol and behaviourial dimensions of the  SIP RFC (bis draft 03)
  • Extremely simple to plug in new call models and functionality (eg CSCF, App Servers, etc)

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