CREP 1.x Licensing Information

To receive your copy of CREP, you must sign and return two copies of the CREP license agreement for educational use. Enclosed is a html file of the license agreement. Print two copies, fill them BOTH out completely (except the blanks to be filled in by Columbia University), having an appropriate institutional representative sign them, and return to:

                Laura Furst
                Columbia University Computer Science Dept.
                Natural Language Processing Group
                1214 Amsterdam Avenue 
                450 CSB, Mail code 0401
                New York, NY 10027
                Tel: ++1 212-939-7180
                Fax: ++1 212-666-0140

After we have received and signed off the license agreement, I will send you the decryption key needed to use the copy of CREP ( crep-1.0.tar.crypted) available from our anonymous FTP site. Thank you for your interest.

CREP was written by Darrin Duford, and comes complete with documentation. Please note that this software is no longer being supported by our group, however, we will try to answer questions you might have about the CREP software package.

Min-Yen Kan

Last modified: Mon Nov 14 2005