Columbia University Joint CS/EE Networking Seminar Series

A Multilayer Network Approach to the Analysis of Social and Geographic Networks

Desislava Hristova

PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge

Thursday July 30th, 2:00 PM-3:00 PM

CS Conference Room, Mudd 4th Floor.

Abstract: Multi-channel interaction between people is fascinating from both a network and computational social science perspective. In this talk I will give an overview of multilayer networks, focusing on their applications and potential to provide a more realistic view of social networks. I will share my PhD experience so far in analyzing such models using social media and other human interaction data, in particular, showing how these models can be used to understand social tie strength and social capital better.

Bio: I am a second-year PhD Candidate under the supervision of Prof. Cecilia Mascolo. Prior to this, I worked as a Research Assistant at UCL under Dr. Licia Capra after I graduated from the MSc Computer Science program there. My main research interest is in multilayer geo-social networks (social networks embedded in physical space where more than one type of link exists between nodes), with applications to urban and social systems. I also have a long-standing fascination with the dynamics of crowdsourced online communities such as Wikipedia and OpenSteetMap.