Columbia University Joint CS/EE Networking Seminar Series

On the Steady-State of Cache Networks

Prof. Daniel Sadoc Menasche

Computer Science Department, UFRJ, Brazil.

May. 29, 2:00PM, CS Conference Room, CSB 453

Abstract: Over the past few years Content-Centric Networking, a networking model in which host-to-content communication protocols are introduced, has been gaining much attention. A central component of such an architecture is a large-scale interconnected caching system. To date, the way these Cache Networks operate and perform is still poorly understood. In this work, we demonstrate that certain cache networks are non-ergodic in that their steady-state characterization depends on the initial state of the system. We then establish several important properties of cache networks, in the form of three independently suf´Čücient conditions for a cache network to comprise a single ergodic component. Each property targets a different aspect of the system - topology, admission control and cache replacement policies. Perhaps most importantly we demonstrate that cache replacement can be grouped into equivalence classes, such that the ergodicity (or lack-thereof) of one policy implies the same property holds for all policies in the class.

This is joint work with Elisha J. Rosensweig and Jim Kurose.
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Speaker Biography: Daniel Sadoc Menasche is an Assistant Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His research interests are in the mathematical modeling, performance evaluation, optimization and design of distributed systems. In particular, he recently studied mechanisms for content distribution, smart power grids, wireless scheduling and network science.
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