About NetServ

NetServ is a programmable router architecture, intended for dynamically deploying in-network services. Service modules are written in Java using OSGi framework, and deployed by sending NSIS signaling messages.

In other words, NetServ is:
  • In-network service container
  • Java-programmable, signal-driven router
  • "GENI Lite" — deploy modules, not VMs
  • Active networking 2.0

NetServ Project

To address the limitations of services in the current Internet, this work presents a clean slate Internet architecture, called NetServ, based on the concepts of service virtualization.

Original NSF FIND proposal

Research Partners

  • IRT Lab, Columbia University
  • DIEI, University of Perugia
  • DOCOMO Euro-Labs
  • Bell Labs/Alcatel-Lucent

Mailing Lists