sipconf - SIP Audio Conference Server




sipconf v1.20 released Jan 2002.

The code runs on Solaris 5.8, FreeBSD 3.x and 4.x, Linux (tested on RedHat 6.1 and 7.1), Windows NT/2000/XP with other Unix platforms available upon request.


sipconf is an SIP based audio conference bridge. Visit the CINEMA web page for more information.



-p portnumber
Port number to listen for SIP requests. Default is 5060
Print usage information and exit
-D sql://user:password@host:port/database
URL for the SQL database that stores user information. The port specification is optional. The -D parameter is optional. If it is not present, sipconf will look for a file named cinema_db.conf in its directory. Additionally, on Unix systems it will try reading the file /etc/cinema_db.conf . This file should contain a database url of the form described before. Normally, these files are automatically created during installation by CINEMA setup programs and hence, they need not be modified. On Windows systems, sipconf will also try reading for database uri under the registry key HKLM\Columbia University\IRT\CINEMA\CINEMA_DB.
-f database-configuration-file
Specify a file that contains the database url.
Run as console application. If this parameter is not specified, sipconf will run as a deamon.
Optional IPv6 hostname if different from the normal IPv4 hostname.
Run in interactive mode. In this mode, sipconf can accept user commands through console input.
-m packetization_time
Specify a packetization_time in milliseconds between 20 and 2000. The default is 20 ms
Use numeric IP addresses in Via headers instead of hostname.
Accept all conferences. This is typically used for testing. If this option is enabled, sipconf does not require the conference information to be present in the database.
Send back audio to participants. This is typically used for testing. sipconf will loop-back the audio to the sender in addition to distributing it to other participants.
-d category
Makes the server print out debugging information to stdout for the particular category. Currently supported categories are all, sql, net, sdp, misc. The option can be repeated to allow debugging multiple categories


sipconf uses MySQL database for storing configuration information. Details about conferences are stored in conferences table. Conference user information is stored in confusers table. These can be modified using the CINEMA web interface.

See Also

SIP, RTP, and sipd


Kundan Singh, Gautam Nair, Sankaran Narayanan (TLS, IPv6), and Henning Schulzrinne at Columbia University, Department of Computer Science


sipconf contains RTP code from Bell Laboratories, Columbia University and University of Massachusetts, copyright (c) 1998 Lucent Technologies; all rights reserved.

sipconf uses the mySQL client library, copyright (c) 2001 by MySQL AB.

The sipconf web interface uses fbsql and Tcl.


Copyright 2000-2002 by Columbia University; all rights reserved
sipconf is subject to licensing.

Commercial version and licensing available from SIPquest Inc. SIPquest

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