rtspd - RTSP streaming media server


rtspd [-s serverroot] [-r documentroot] [-d category [-o tracefile]] [-X] [-p port] [-v] [-H ipv6_hostname]


Binary and source "beta" distribution are available. The code runs on Solaris, FreeBSD 3.x, Linux, Windows NT, with other Unix platforms available upon request.


rtspd is a RTSP streaming media server.


Features not tested


-s serverroot
Defines the location of the server configuration files, typically "."; mime.types should be present in this directory. Default is currect directory.
-r documentroot
The path name of the document root. All the RTSP documents are accessed with this as the top level directory. For example, if this is set to /usr/local/rtsp then rtsp://<server-address>/ represent the file /usr/local/rtsp/
-d category
Makes the server print out debugging information to stdout for the particular category. Currently supported categories are all, sql, net, sdp, misc. The option can be repeated to allow debugging multiple categories
-o tracefile
Debugging information is printed out to the specified tracefile.
Run in single-process mode, for internal debugging purposes only; the daemon does not detach from the terminal.
-p port
Overrides the default port.
Print out the version information and exit.
-H ipv6_hostname
This optional paramater is used to specify the IPv6 host name if different from normal IPv4 hostname.


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Henning Schulzrinne, Kundan Singh, and Jonathan Lennox at Columbia University, Department of Computer Science



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