Trainees will have the opportunity to participate in IGERT activities in South America during the summer with our partner universities there (Universidade Estadual de Campinas,Universidad de Buenos Aires, and Universidad Nacional de Cordoba). More details on these opportunities will be provided in the Spring semester.

In the meantime, check out this photo gallery and reports of student's experiences at ECI 2013 (from Joseph Ellis  and Felix Grezes).You can also check out the IGERT Facebook page for blog entries about it.

Summer Internships

Our IGERT students will practice their skills in summer internships with research labs, such as IBM, T. J. Watson, Google, Yahoo! Research, AT&T Labs, ETS, Microsoft Research to name a few, and various start-up companies.  Columbia University and CUNY are well-positioned for such positions as many of these labs are close by and the majority have major interests in the topic of our IGERT program. The members of our Advisory Board will assist in creating an Internship Matching program for the IGERT Trainees.