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Trainees are also required to attend 1-hour seminar series that will be held on every other Friday. Seminars will cover a variety of topics and feature a range of invited guest lecturers. The series is designed to give trainees a forum to discuss research amongst themselves as well as with IGERT faculty and invited speakers. The series will also include workshops centered on several topics and areas that will contribute to the academic and professional development of IGERT Trainees.

Some of the past speakers come from Google, Wall Street Journal, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University, MIT, Rutgers University, Stevens Institute of Technology, and Columbia Journalism School.

Full list of past speakers:

Fall 2012
09/18/12 Solving Problems and Challenges in Telling Good Stories from Data by Mark Hansen (Columbia Journalism School)

10/16/12 Temporal Knowledge Base Population by Heng Ji (CUNY - Queens)

11/20/12 It's Time for Events: Event Information in Social Media by Mor Naaman (Rutgers Univ.)

11/27/12 Digital Humanities at Columbia by Dennis Y. Tenen (Columbia University, English & Comparative Literature)

Spring 2013
02/08/13 Watching the Watchers: How the Wall Street Journal uses Big Data to Investigate Digital Privacy by Julia Angwin (Technology Journalist at Wall Street Journal) and Jeremy Singer-Vine (reporter at Wall Street Journal)

02/22/13 Heterogeneity Meets Rarity: Mining Multi-Faceted Diamond by Jingrui He (Stevens Institute of Technology)

03/01/13 Language as influence(d): Power and memorability by Lillian Lee (Cornell Univ.)

03/29/13 The Promise of Crowdsourcing for Natural Language Processing and Other Data Sciences by Chris Callison-Burch (Johns Hopkins Univ.)

04/12/13 Text Normalization by Richard Sproat (Google)

04/19/13 Three Problems in Social Computing by Sep Kamvar (MIT)

04/22/13 Opportunities from Social Media Data for Public Health by Mark Dredze (Johns Hopkins University)