IGERT Curriculum

The IGERT Core Curriculum consists of the following:

  •    » 3 skills courses
  •    » 4 studio courses
  •    » An interdisciplinary projects course in the Spring semester of second year to crystallize the Trainees’ interdisciplinary thesis topic (supervised by IGERT faculty)
  •    » The Distinguished Speaker Series in the Spring semester

The students may fulfill the 4 studio courses requirement any time during their PhD career. The 3 skills courses must be taken during their first year entering the IGERT program. All IGERT Trainees must attend all of the Distinguished Speaker Series in the Spring semester. Please speak with your IGERT faculty advisor if you have any questions or concerns regarding the educational program requirements.

2013-14 IGERT Courses 

2012-13 IGERT Courses 

Departmental Requirements and Electives

Advisors and trainees will meet at the start of each semester to identify other courses that will constitute the Trainee’s overall program.