Spring 2016 Final Project Topics

Predicting Stock Movement using Sentiment in Financial News and StockTwits
Multimodal Physiological Data Analysis Using Markov Models
Identifying deception in spoken language
Prediction of Mortality in Hospitals
Multimodal Monitoring in Neurocritical Care
Image classification system
Extracting Insights from Multimedia (waze data, images from city-wide cctv cameras, twitter data)
Recommendation system to suggest car models to potential buyers
Using social media and other online learning sources to improve causal knowledge
Improving on extracting brand associative networks from the wild
Prediction of mortgage prepayment risk
Multilingual Sentiment Analysis in Social Media Based on Image and Text Data
Detect and spread awareness of disease outbreaks
Find neural signatures of conversational deception in electroencephalography (EEG) oscillation data
Dynamic Exploration of Endometriosis Phenotypes
Parking Recommendation
Analyze location data and photography to better understand people and cities
Combining inferred document layouts and convolutional neural networks towards improved document classification and retrieval
Development of efficient visual sentiment analysis algorithms and approaches which accurately identify emotions connected to an image
Yelp Comment Analysis and Recommendation
Causal Inference of Distressed Securities
Quantifying and Cultivating Expectations of Privacy
Micro-expressions in deception detection
Recommendation engine using Bayesian Networks for disease prediction and discovering the causality between them
Measuring emotional arousal through typing dynamics
Towards Active Crowdsensing
Investigate the inconsistent comments and reviews of the same product on different shopping sites
Quantitative analysis of influential factors for students’ academic performance based on Group Lasso regression and DBSCAN Clustering
Inferring health phenotypes from social media data