2013-14 IGERT Courses

Fall 2013

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science E6898:
TOPICS – INFORMATION PROCESSING: From Data to Solutions (3 Points)
Instructors: Professor Shih-Fu Chang (EE) and Professor Noemie Elhadad (DBMI)
Friday 1:10-3:00p.m. Room 453 (Conference Room) in Computer Science Building

Psychology G4275: CONTEMP TPCS-LANG/COMMUNICATN (4 points)
Instructors: Michelle F Levine (
Wednesday 10:10am-12:00pm in 405 Schermerhorn

Computer Science E6915 Section 001:
Tech Writing for CS and Engineers; Academic Writing (1 point)
Instructors: Janet Kayfetz
Tuesday Thursday 10:00am-12:00pm in Mudd 644

Computer Science E6915 Section 002:
Tech Writing for CS and Engineers; Great Presentations (1 point)
Instructor: Janet Kayfetz
Monday Wednesday 10:00am-12:00pm Location TBA

Computer Science E6915 Section 003:
Tech Writing for CS and Engineers; Writing/Presenting One-On-One (1 point)
Instructor: Janet Kayfetz
Monday Wednesday 2:00-4:00pm Location TBA

CUNY course: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and the Web
Instructor: Professor Andrew Rosenberg (CUNY-Queens)
Mondays 11:45-1:45, CUNY Graduate Center 3209

Spring 2014

E6891: Topics in Information Processing: Replicating Computational Results
Instructors: Professor Dan Ellis (EE) and Professor Victoria Stodden (Statistics)
Location and Schedule TBA

EAS/CBS B8799: Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs
Location and Schedule TBA
Instructors: Orin Herskowitz, Jeff Sears (Columbia Business School)