Undergraduate Representatives

2011 - 2012 Academic Year

Senior Rep:

Junior Rep:

What is an undergraduate student representative?

The undergraduate student representative (USR) is a new undergraduate
position created by the Computer Science department to facilitate
undergraduate-faculty communications. There are two positions, one for
a senior, and one for a junior. Any computer science or computer
engineering senior and junior can run for the position.

Why do we need undergraduate student representatives?

The USR serves as the intermediate voice for
undergraduates to speak to faculty. The idea is that if undergraduates
have suggestions or concerns about their computer science experience
but don't know who to talk to, they can talk to the USRs who will
propagate the issue to faculty. The USR is a living and breathing
suggestion box that students can talk to about any computer science
concern, from a homework assignment being too difficult all the way to
curriculum reform.

How will the USR-faculty communications work?
The email addresses of the USRs will be listed on the computer science
department website and students can contact the USRs if they have a
comment or concern and can schedule to speak with them in person as
well. The USRs will have monthly meetings with the Vice Chair for
Undergraduate Education and will meet each semester with the
Department Chair.

What is the relation between USR and ACM?
The USR is a position created by the Computer Science department
independent from the ACM. All undergraduate seniors and juniors can
run for the USR regardless of whether they are in the ACM. The role of
the positions, however, does align with ACM's academic goals and the ACM
will be working closely with the undergraduate student representatives
to improve the computer science experience.