CVN Rerun Policy

The following refers to courses that have already been approved for core or elective credit for the PhD breadth requirement.

Live in-person on-campus courses that happen to also be offered by CVN always qualify.

Pre-taped CVN courses managed (graded) by a regular faculty member always qualify.  Pre-taped CVN courses managed by an adjunct faculty member who has lectured the same course on-campus also qualify. Both cases are exceedingly rare.

The typical pre-taped CVN course, which is managed by a graduate student, does not qualify. Exceptions can be made with the approval of the full faculty, including in particular the regular faculty member(s) in charge of the corresponding course - but be warned that said approval is highly unlikely.

However, CVN courses taken by a student prior to formally enrolling in the PhD program (e.g., while a CVN MS, Professional or non-degree student) always qualify, regardless of who managed the course.

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Last updated on September 13, 2008.