Welcome to CS@CU

Congratulations on your decision to join CS@CU. We have created this website to help you prepare for your arrival.

Department Orientation Information

Monday, August 24
1pm MS Program Orientation Session - Student Services Presentation
3pm Instructional Assistant Session

Tuesday, August 25
10am Citation Management Workshop - Presentation
11am Resume Workshop - Presentation
1pm Netiquette and Building Effective Relationships Workshop - Presentation

Thursday, August 27
2pm Time Management Session - Presentation

SEAS New Graduate Student Check List

The School of Engineering has created a student check list for incoming students. It is a great resource, so please read it through carefully as it will most likely answer many of the questions you may have.


MICE is a web-based database system for departmental records of various sorts. Your MICE account will be created by the beginning of June, and once it is created, you will received an email from the MICE system. Please note that MICE is only available on Columbia network, so to access MICE off campus, please follow instructions (Go to HOWTO --> Proxy Connection to Columbia Network MICE) to set up the proxy server.

Please check our MICE User Manual for instructions.

Student Services Online

Student Services Online is also known as SSOL. You will use SSOL to register for classes, request transcript, and view your billing information. Please note that you can only register for classes through SSOL, not through MICE.


Registration for the Fall 15 courses will begin on July 27th. You will use SSOL to register for classes. In order to register for courses on time, you must submit your MMR immunization records by June 27th. Please make sure to send your records to the health services by the deadline.

For immunization-related questions, please contact Columbia's Health Services.

Advisor Information

Each track has an advisor or advisors. After you select a track, you will be assigned an advisor in MICE.

Masters Program Requirements

It is important for you to read through the program requirements. Please visit our FAQ page for the policies and requirements. 

A brief description of each of the MS tracks can be found in this document

Importing courses taken at your previous institution

You will see instructions in the MICE User Manual, but you do not need to do this just yet. We will send you an updated information via email.

Academic Honesty Policy

The Department makes the academic honesty policy very clear at: http://www.cs.columbia.edu/education/honesty. Please read this carefully, and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Other Contacts

The CS department does not handle the following services directly. If you have any inquiries and concerns, please contact the following services directly:

Student Financial Services for billing questions.

Housing Facilities for on-campus and off-campus housing and residency.

International Scholars and Students Office for I-20 and Visa issues.

American Language Program about English language exams and courses.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact or .


Last updated on August 28, 2015.