Waive a core/required course

If you have taken a course that is equivalent to one of the MS required core or required track courses in a past, and if you received B or better for it, you can apply to waive the requirement. To apply for a course waiver, go to the “Students” menu and click on “Course Imports.”

Please complete this form and click on “Update Only.” Then you will see the following page:

From this page, you can upload your supporting documents. After you upload the documents, please go back to the import page and click on “Update and Submit for Approval.”

When you submit your waiver request, it is automatically forwarded to the instructor and the advisor for their approval. You will be notified via email whether your request has been approved or not.

If you are applying for a TA position, you may want to load previously-taken undergraduate courses. To do this, follow the procedure above, but do not submit these imports for approval. Instead, you can just click on “Update Only.”