Fall 2014 Courses

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Course number (Registrar Call Number) Course Title Instructor Date and Time Location
COMS W1001-1
Introduction to Information Science B. Xie
MW 11:40AM-12:55PM

COMS W1004-1
Introduction To Computer Science And Programming In Java A. Cannon
MW 4:10PM-5:25PM

COMS W1005-1
Introduction To Computer Science and Programming In MATLAB P. Blaer
MW 10:10AM-11:25AM

ENGI W1006-1
MW 5:40PM-6:55PM

COMS W1007-1
TR 1:10PM-2:25PM

COMS W3134-1
Data Structures in Java A. Pasik
MW 5:40PM-6:55PM

COMS W3136-1
TR 5:40PM-6:55PM

COMS W3157-1
Advanced Programming J. Lee
TR 11:40AM-12:55PM

COMS W3203-1
Discrete Mathematics: Introduction To Combinatorics and Graph Theory D. Strickland
TR 5:40PM-6:55PM

COMS W3251-1
Computational Linear Algebra A. Papageorgiou
TR 2:40PM-3:55PM

COMS W3261-1
Computer Science Theory A. Aho
MW 1:10PM-2:25PM

CSEE W3827-1
Fundamentals of Computer Systems M. Kim
TR 10:10AM-11:25AM

COMS W3902
Undergraduate Thesis
COMS W3998
Undergraduate Projects In Computer Science
BIOL W4034-1
COMS W4111-1
Introduction to Databases A. Biliris
Tu 1:10PM-3:40PM

COMS W4115-1
Programming Languages and Translators S. Edwards
MW 4:10PM-5:25PM

COMS W4118-1
Operating Systems, I J. Nieh
TR 10:10AM-11:25AM

CSEE W4119-1
Computer Networks V. Misra
TR 1:10PM-2:25PM

COMS W4156-1
Advanced Software Engineering G. Kaiser
TR 10:10AM-11:25AM

COMS W4162-1
Advanced Computer Graphics C. Zheng
MW 2:40PM-3:55PM

COMS W4167-1
Animation E. Grinspun
TR 2:40PM-3:55PM

COMS W4170-1
User Interface Design S. Feiner
TR 1:10PM-2:25PM

COMS W4187-1
Security Architecture and Engineering S. Bellovin
MW 2:40PM-3:55PM

CSOR W4231-1
Analysis of Algorithms I M. Yannakakis
TR 11:40AM-12:55PM

COMS W4236-1
Introduction To Computational Complexity X. Chen
TR 7:10PM-8:25PM

COMS W4241-1
Numerical Algorithms and Complexity J. Traub
TR 1:10PM-2:25PM

COMS W4252-1
Introduction to Computational Learning Theory R. Servedio
MW 1:10PM-2:25PM

COMS W4261-1
Introduction To Cryptography T. Malkin
TR 11:40AM-12:55PM

EECS E4321-1
VLSI Circuits
EECS E4340-1
Computer Hardware Design S. Sethumadhavan
TR 4:10PM-5:25PM

COMS W4444-1
Programming and Problem Solving K. Ross
MW 1:10PM-2:25PM

COMS W4460-1
Principles of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (co-instructor: William Reinisch) Y. Yemini
We 4:10PM-6:40PM

COMS W4701-1
Artificial Intelligence D. Radev
TR 7:10PM-8:25PM

COMS W4705-1
Natural Language Processing M. Collins
TR 4:10PM-5:25PM

COMS W4731-1
Computer Vision S. Nayar
TR 10:10AM-11:25AM

COMS W4733-1
Computational Aspects of Robotics P. Allen
TR 11:40AM-12:55PM

COMS W4737-1
Biometrics P. Belhumeur
TR 1:10PM-2:25PM

COMS W4771-1
Machine Learning T. Jebara
TR 1:10PM-2:25PM

COMS E4772-1
Advanced Machine Learning D. Hsu
We 4:10PM-6:00PM

COMS W4901
Projects In Computer Science
COMS W4995-1
Special Topics In Computer Science, I (Distributed Sys Fundament) R. Geambasu
MW 2:40PM-3:55PM

COMS W4995-2
Special Topics In Computer Science, I (Internet Tech Econ Policy) H. Schulzrinne
TR 4:10PM-5:25PM

COMS E6121-1
Reliable Software J. Yang
Tu 2:10PM-4:00PM

COMS E6737-1
Biometrics P. Belhumeur
TR 1:10PM-2:25PM

CSEE E6868-1
System-on-Chip Platforms L. Carloni
TR 11:40AM-12:55PM

EECS E6893-1
Tpc: Big Data Analytics
COMS E6900
Tutorial In Computer Science
COMS E6901
Projects In Computer Science
COMS E6902
COMS E6998-1
Topics In Computer Science, I (Adv Tpcs Prog Lang Comp) A. Aho
Mo 4:10PM-6:00PM

COMS E6998-2
Topics In Computer Science, I (Social Networks) A. Chaintreau
Mo 6:10PM-8:00PM

COMS E6998-3
Topics In Computer Science, I (Adv Sem Computational Gen) I. Pe'er
MW 2:40PM-3:55PM

COMS E6998-4
Topics In Computer Science, I (Fund Speech Recognition) H. Beigi
Th 7:00PM-9:30PM

COMS E6998-5
Topics In Computer Science, I (Modern Internet App Devel) D. Ferguson
Th 10:10AM-12:00PM

COMS E9800
Directed Research in Computer Science
COMS E9910
Graduate Research, I
COMS E9911
Graduate Research, II

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