Spring 2014 Courses

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Course number (Registrar Call Number) Course Title Instructor Date and Time Location
COMS E0001-1
Foundations Of Computer Science Track
COMS E0002-1
Systems Track
COMS E0003-1
Intelligent Systems Track
COMS E0004-1
Applications Track
COMS E0005-1
Vision & Graphics Track
COMS W1004-1
Introduction To Computer Science And Programming In Java A. Cannon
MW 4:10PM-5:25PM
IAB 417
COMS W1005-1
Introduction To Computer Science and Programming In MATLAB I. Vovsha
MW 10:10AM-11:25AM
MUD 833
ENGI W1006-1
We 4:10PM-7:00PM
NWC 501
COMS W3101-1
Programming Languages (Programming Lang (rails)) E. Stolfo
Tu 6:10PM-8:00PM
MUD 825
COMS W3101-2
Programming Languages (c++)) R. Isukapalli
Tu 6:10PM-8:00PM
MUD 825
COMS W3101-3
Programming Languages (PROGRAMMING LANG (IOS)) M. Vitrano
Tu 6:10PM-8:00PM

COMS W3134-1
Data Structures in Java P. Blaer
TR 10:10AM-11:25AM
IAB 417
COMS W3137-1
Honors Data Structures and Algorithms P. Allen
TR 10:10AM-11:25AM
MUD 833
COMS W3157-1
Advanced Programming J. Lee
TR 4:10PM-5:25PM
PUP 301
COMS W3203-1
Discrete Mathematics: Introduction To Combinatorics and Graph Theory D. Strickland
MW 5:40PM-6:55PM
SCH 501
COMS W3261-1
Computer Science Theory A. Bishop
TR 2:40PM-3:55PM
MUD 833
CSEE W3827-1
Fundamentals of Computer Systems D. Rubenstein
MW 1:10PM-2:25PM
NWC 501
COMS W3902
Undergraduate Thesis
COMS W3998
Undergraduate Projects In Computer Science
We 2:10PM-4:00PM

CSOR E4010-1
Graph Theory: Combinatl V M. Chudnovsky
TR 5:40PM-6:55PM

BIOL W4031-1
COMS W4111
Introduction to Databases A. Biliris
Tu 1:10PM-3:40PM
MUD 535
COMS W4112
Database System Implementation K. Ross
MW 1:10PM-2:25PM
MUD 1024
COMS W4115
Programming Languages and Translators A. Aho
MW 2:40PM-3:55PM
MUD 833
COMS W4118-1
Operating Systems, I J. Lee
TR 11:40AM-12:55PM
NWC 501
CSEE W4119-1
Computer Networks A. Chaintreau
TR 1:10PM-2:25PM
MUD 833
CSEE W4140-1
Networking Laboratory B. Birand
Tu 4:10PM-5:25PM

COMS W4160
Computer Graphics C. Zheng
TR 11:40AM-12:55PM
MUD 535
COMS W4172-1
3D User Interfaces and Augmented Reality S. Feiner
TR 1:10PM-2:25PM
MUD 233
COMS W4180
Network Security D. Cook
Th 10:10AM-12:40PM
SCEP 415
CSOR W4231
Analysis of Algorithms I X. Chen
TR 7:10PM-8:25PM
HAV 309
COMS W4236-1
Introduction To Computational Complexity M. Yannakakis
MW 2:40PM-3:55PM
MUD 535
COMS W4281-1
Introduction to Quantum Computing A. Papageorgiou
TR 4:10PM-5:25PM
MUD 833
CSOR W4561-1
Intellectual Prop For Ent
COMS W4721-1
Machine Learning for Data Science A. Salleb-Aouissi
MW 7:40PM-8:55PM
MAT 407
COMS W4731-1
Computer Vision S. Nayar
TR 10:10AM-11:25AM
NWC 501
CBMF W4761
Computational Genomics I. Pe'er
MW 4:10PM-5:25PM
MUD 1127
COMS W4771
Machine Learning I. Pe'er
MW 1:10PM-2:25PM
MUD 535
COMS E4772-1
Advanced Machine Learning A. Aravkin
Fr 12:00PM-2:00PM
MUD 833
CSEE W4824
Computer Architecture S. Sethumadhavan
MW 11:40AM-12:55PM
MUD 535
CSEE W4840-1
Embedded System Design S. Edwards
TR 2:40PM-3:55PM
HAM 602
COMS W4901
Projects In Computer Science
COMS W4995-1
Special Topics In Computer Science, I (DISCRETE DIFF GEOM: APPL) E. Grinspun
Mo 1:10PM-3:40PM
MUD 644
COMS W4995-2
Special Topics In Computer Science, I (CRYPTO FINANCIAL PROC) M. Rabin
TR 11:40AM-12:55PM
MUD 233
COMS W4995-3
Special Topics In Computer Science, I (DATA SCI TECH ENTREPRENEUR) S. Maskey
Mo 4:10PM-6:00PM
MUD 633
COMS W4995-4
Special Topics In Computer Science, I (Gpu Computing) M. Reed
Tu 6:10PM-8:00PM
MUD 337
COMS E6111
Advanced Database Systems L. Gravano
Th 4:10PM-6:00PM
MUD 535
COMS E6125-1
Web-enhanced Information Management G. Kaiser
Tu 10:10AM-12:00PM
MUD 644
CSEE E6180-1
Modeling and performance evaluation V. Misra
Th 9:00AM-12:00PM
MUD 1127
COMS E6184-1
We 4:10PM-6:00PM
MUD 545
COMS E6185
Intrusion Detection Systems S. Hershkop
Tu 4:10PM-6:00PM
MUD 535
COMS E6261-1
Advanced cryptography A. Bishop
Th 4:10PM-6:00PM
MUD 627
COMS E6735
Visual Databases J. Kender
Th 10:10AM-12:00PM
MUD 545
EECS E6890-1
Topics-information Proces
EECS E6892-1
Bayes Models Mach Learn
COMS E6900
Tutorial In Computer Science
COMS E6901
Projects In Computer Science
COMS E6902
COMS E6998-1
Topics In Computer Science, I (COMP VIS MACH LEARNG MOBI PLAT) P. Belhumeur
We 2:10PM-4:00PM
COMS E6998-10
Topics In Computer Science, I (Cloud Computing & Big Dat) S. Sahu
We 7:10PM-10:00PM
MUD 1024
COMS E6998-11
Topics In Computer Science, I (Digital Meditaed Storytel) D. Elson
We 6:10PM-8:00PM
PUP 424
COMS E6998-12
Topics In Computer Science, I (Mobile HCI) K. Li
We 12:10PM-2:00PM
MUD 644
COMS E6998-2
Topics In Computer Science, I (CLOUD AND MOBILE SECURITY) R. Geambasu
Mo 4:10PM-7:00PM
MUD 545
COMS E6998-3
Topics In Computer Science, I (SUBLINEAR TIME ALGOS LEARNING) R. Servedio
We 4:10PM-6:00PM
MUD 644
COMS E6998-4
Topics In Computer Science, I (Privacy Online Social Net) B. Krishnamurthy
We 2:10PM-4:00PM
MUD 327
COMS E6998-5
Topics In Computer Science, I (Fund Of Speaker Recognit) H. Beigi
Th 7:00PM-9:30PM
MUD 834
COMS E6998-6
Topics In Computer Science, I (SEMANTIC TECHNOLOGIES WATSON) A. Gliozzo
Mo 2:10PM-4:00PM
MUD 327
COMS E6998-7
Topics In Computer Science, I (Cellular Netwrks/mobile C) L. Li
Mo 6:10PM-8:00PM
MUD 633
COMS E6998-8
Topics In Computer Science, I (Comp Models Of Social Mea) S. Muresan
Th 4:10PM-7:00PM
MUD 644
COMS E6998-9
Topics In Computer Science, I (THE TSP IN THEORY & PRACTICE) D. Johnson
Tu 2:10PM-4:00PM
MUD 337
COMS E6998
Topics In Computer Science, I
COMS E9800
Directed Research in Computer Science
COMS E9910
Graduate Research, I
COMS E9911
Graduate Research, II

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