Spring 2002 Courses

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Course number (Registrar Call Number) Course Title Instructor Date and Time Location
COMS W1001
Introduction to Information Science A. Cannon
Th 1:10PM-4:00PM
ENG 386A
COMS W1004-1
Introduction To Computer Science And Programming In Java S. Krishna
TR 2:40PM-3:55PM
HAM 702
COMS W1004-2
C. Leslie
TR 11:00AM-12:15PM

COMS W1007-1
Th 1:10PM-4:00PM
MAT 207
COMS W1007-2
E. Sklar
Tu 9:00AM-12:00PM

COMS W3101-1
Programming Languages (C) A. Troccoli
Mo 11:00AM-1:00PM

COMS W3101-2
Programming Languages (C++) A. Troccoli
Mo 11:00AM-1:00PM

COMS W3101-3
Programming Languages (Java) N. Novik
We 11:00AM-1:00PM

COMS W3101-4
Programming Languages (perl)) G. Estren
We 11:00AM-12:50PM

COMS W3133-1
Data Structures In C N. Novik
Mo 7:10PM-10:00PM

COMS W3137-1
Honors Data Structures and Algorithms P. Allen
Th 1:10PM-4:00PM

COMS W3139-1
A. Kosoresow
Th 1:10PM-4:00PM

COMS W3156-1
Introduction To Software Engineering J. Greze
Mo 1:10PM-4:00PM

COMS W3203-1
Discrete Mathematics: Introduction To Combinatorics and Graph Theory Z. Grunschlag
MW 1:10PM-2:25PM

COMS W3210-1
Scientific Computation J. Traub
Tu 1:10PM-4:00PM

COMS W3261
Computer Science Theory T. Diament
MW 9:40AM-10:55AM

COMS W3824-1
Computer Organization, I S. Unger
Tu 9:00AM-12:00PM

COMS W3902
Undergraduate Thesis A. Keromytis
COMS W3995-1
Special Topics In Computer Science (Advanced Programming) H. Schulzrinne
TR 4:10PM-5:25PM

COMS W3998
Undergraduate Projects In Computer Science
COMS W4111
Introduction to Databases K. Ross
Mo 12:55PM-4:01PM

COMS W4115-1
Programming Languages and Translators S. Edwards
We 1:10PM-4:00PM

COMS W4117-1
Compilers and Interpreters A. Aho
Tu 4:10PM-7:00PM

COMS W4118-1
Operating Systems, I A. Keromytis
Tu 1:10PM-4:00PM

COMS W4119-1
Computer Networks V. Misra
We 9:00AM-12:00PM

COMS W4156-1
Advanced Software Engineering G. Kaiser
Mo 1:10PM-4:00PM

COMS W4203-1
Graph Theory J. Gross
Mo 1:10PM-4:00PM

COMS W4236-1
Introduction To Computational Complexity A. Tsantilas
We 6:50PM-9:20PM

COMS W4241-1
Numerical Algorithms and Complexity H. Wozniakowski
Tu 9:00AM-12:00PM

COMS W4405-1
Computer Science Education A. Kosoresow
We 4:10PM-7:00PM

COMS W4701
Artificial Intelligence S. Stolfo
Mo 4:10PM-7:00PM

COMS W4705-1
Natural Language Processing R. Barzilay
Tu 9:00AM-12:00PM

CBMF W4761-1
Computational Genomics C. Leslie
TR 4:10PM-5:25PM

CSEE W4824-1
Computer Architecture
COMS W4824-1
S. Nowick
Th 1:10PM-4:00PM

COMS W4901
Projects In Computer Science
COMS W4995-2
Special Topics In Computer Science, I (Intro To Cryptography) M. Rabin
Tu 1:10PM-4:00PM

COMS E6111-1
Advanced Database Systems L. Gravano
Mo 6:10PM-8:00PM

COMS E6118-1
Operating Systems, II J. Nieh
Tu 12:35PM-2:25PM

CSEE E6180-1
Modeling and performance evaluation E. Coffman
Tu 9:00AM-12:00PM

CSEE E6831-1
Sequential Logic Circuits S. Unger
We 4:10PM-7:00PM

COMS E6901
Projects In Computer Science
COMS E6902
Thesis A. Kosoresow
COMS E6998-1
Topics In Computer Science, I (Advanced Machine Learning) T. Jebara
Mo 4:10PM-6:00PM

COMS E6998-3
Topics In Computer Science, I (Adv Image-based Vision/re) P. Belhumeur
Th 9:00AM-12:00PM

COMS E9910-1
Graduate Research, I
COMS E9911-1
Graduate Research, II

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