• Building a Terminological Database from Heterogeneous Definitional Sources - Smaranda Muresan, Samuel D. Popper, Peter T. Davis, Judith L. Klavans, National Conference on Digital Government Research (dg.o), 2003. (pdf)
  • Scalable Access and Integration of Statistical Data for Digital Government - Josť Luis Ambite, Yigal Arens, Eduard Hovy, Judith Klavans, and Andrew Philpot. To be presented at the AFCEA Federal Database Colloquium and Exposition in San Diego, California, August 28-30, 2001. (doc)
  • Extracting Taxonomic Relationships from On-Line Definitional Sources Using LEXING - Judith Klavans, Brian Whitman. The ACM/IEEE-Computer Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, June 24-28 2001 in Roanoke, VA. (doc) (pdf)

Slides and Presentations

Invited Talks

Eduard Hovy and Judith L. Klavans - "The Role of Ontologies in Statistical Information Seeking", presented at Interface 2000 - The 32nd Symposium on the Interface: Computing Science and Statistics on April 5-8, 2000, New Orleans LA.

Luis Gravano - "Digital Government Research Center (DGRC) Energy Data Collection (EDC)", presented at FEDWEB 2000 on May 8-9, 2000 in Bethesda, MD. Walter Bourne - "Integrating Statistical Information Using Natural Language Processing," presented at the Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology Statistical Policy Seminar: Integratin Federal Statistical Information and Processes, November 8-9, 2000, Bethesda, MD.

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