Knowledge-based design of graphics, user interfaces, virtual worlds and augmented reality, mobile and wearable computing, animation, visual languages, image synthesis, hypermedia, and visualization.

Computer Graphics, specifically real-time rendering algorithms, appearance modeling and rendering, inverse rendering methods, theoretical analysis of light transport, and applications to computer vision problems involving complex lighting and materials.

Analysis of image and video data for semantic concepts, such as: the interpretation of hand gestures, the learning of the shape of organ boundaries in medical imagery, the organization of edited videos according to real-world spatial context, or the segmentation and indexing of instructional videos according to spatial-temporal units of teaching.

Computational and statistical learning from data and sensors. Theories, algorithms, models and paradigms in machine learning and their application to vision, behavior modeling and interfaces. Specific tools include probabilistic Bayesian methods, support vector machines, kernels, dynamical systems, invariance and representation learning.

The Physics of Vision lab is dedicated to the development of advanced computer vision systems. Research is focused on three broad areas, namely, the creation of novel vision sensors, the design of physics based models for vision, and the development of algorithms for scene interpretation. Our research is motivated by applications in computer graphics, human-machine interfaces, and robotics.

Current research includes real-time computer vision,  3-D vision and modeling, sensor planning, robotic  grasping and mobile robotics.

Research includes the representation and recognition of objects under variable illumination and the estimation of the geometry of objects from low-level cues like image brightness, binocular stereopsis, and motion. Applications include face and object recognition, tracking, image-based rendering, computer graphics, content-based image and video compression, and human computer interfaces.