Downloading software from MSDN Academic Alliance Software Center

To download MSDN software (Microsoft Windows software) that CS Department has license for, please go to the following URL and log in using your CS account.

  1. You can download MSDN software only from the Columbia University network. Please connect to wired or wireless Columbia University network to download MSDN sofware.
  1. Go to DreamSpark Premium.
  1. Click on Log In button.
  1. You will be redirected to CRF login page for MSDNAA access.Type in your username and password for the CS UNIX account.
  1. It takes a few seconds so please wait until the MSDNAA software center page appears.You should see on the top right: ” Welcome <your username>”
  1. Click on the Dreamspark Premium tab
  1. Click on the software title of your choice.If the software title you chose is on multiple CD’s, you’ll see a list of the available CD’s. Click on the one you need and you can repeat the process for the rest.
  1. Click on Add To Cart icon.
  1. “Read” the license agreement and if you agree with it and only if you qualify for the software package, click I Agree.
  1. Click on Check Out
  1. Type in your First and Last name and your e-mail address and click on Next>>
  1. Click on the software title link to download.You should be redirected to another page.  If the software requires a serial number, you should take a note of it so that you can enter it during installation.
  1. Click on Download Software and save the file to disk. This is the downloader application.
  1. Find the downloaded file using windows explorer.For some software titles, if you used Firefox to web browse, you may have to rename the downloaded file to be an executable. (e.g.  Downloader -> Downloader.exe)Doubleclick on the executable, and you should see a new window pop open.
  1. Select a place to unpack the software and click: Continue. Please make sure that you have enough space in your hard drive for the download.
  1. It should take some time to download the software.
  1. Once downloaded and unpacked, you can click on Launch Install to install the software. It may take you to a directory where you can click on SETUP.EXE to install the software.  (If the software is an ISO, you should be able to burn the ISO to a CD using software like Nero)
  1. For different software titles, the process may vary slightly so please improvise accordingly.There are plenty of instructions every step of the way so it should be easy to figure out what to do.
  1. If you experience any problems with logging in or downloading the software, please e-mail us detailed descriptions of the problems that you are having.It helps to include error messages you get in the email.  Please send e-mail to: