Details on the paper-reading project for COMS 6998-3 (Algorithmic Game Theory)

Length: 10-15 pages with reasonable spacing, margins, font size, etc.

Outline: Send the instructors as 1-2 page outline of your report by 5pm on Tuesday Nov 18. We will read it within a week and let you know if you are on the right track. Ideally, please include how you plan to structure your paper, your prediction as to the length of each major section, which results you will focus on and why, and which proofs you plan to discuss at length and why. If there are any questions you have that we might be able to help with, you can include them as well.

Level of exposition: Your intended audience should be one of your classmates---a person who is extremely bright but not (yet) an expert in the area. One way to approach this is to imagine that you have to give one or two guest lectures in COMS 6998-3, to prepare those lectures, and then write up a transcript of what you would say (along with some references and perhaps some additional technical details).

Suggested format: One possible format for the report is as follows. This is by no means the only possible format. You may deviate from this list in any way that you think improves your report.

Note on reading papers: Research papers (especially conference versions) have a tendency to be hard to read, terse, and error-prone. We do not expect you to understand every last technical detail of the papers you are reading, but hopefully with a reasonable amount of effort you can develop a good understanding of the technical contributions, the gist of how they were proved, as well as a deep understanding of at least one or two results. We expect that you will devote roughly equal effort to the reading and writing components of the project. The following are some useful questions to keep in mind when critically reading a paper.