Interschool Laboratory, Columbia University
19 April 2015
The Tristate Workshop on Imaging and Graphics is an annual workshop for people to exchange ideas on research related to computer graphics. There will be invited talks by professors from nearby universities and a poster session for students to present their latest work.
10:00am Opening Remarks
Changxi Zheng
Session 1: Tools for Virtual and Real Effects (Coordinator: Alec Jacobson)
10:05am-10:30am Toward Eternal Cameras
Shree Nayar, Columbia University
10:30am-10:55am Computational Design from a Simulation Perspective
Changxi Zheng, Columbia University
10:55am-11:20am Tools for Artists Working in Digital Media
Adam Finkelstein, Princeton University
11:20am-11:45am Material Appearance Modeling
Holly Rushmeier, Yale University
11:45am-2:00pm --- Lunch Break and Posters ---
Session 2: All about Geometry (Coordinator: Tianqiang Liu)
2:00pm-2:25pm Structure-aware Methods for Finding Surface Correspondences
Tom Funkhouser, Princeton University
2:25pm-2:50pm Line Bundles in Geometry Processing
Keenan Crane, Columbia University/CMU
2:50pm-3:15pm Global parametrization of surfaces
3:15pm-3:30pm --- Break ---
Session 3: Games and Virtual Characters (Coordinator: Timothy Sun)
3:30pm-3:55pm Virtual Reality and the Future of Humanity
Ken Perlin, NYU
3:55pm-4:20pm Exploring Game Space
Andy Nealen, NYU Poly
4:20pm-4:45pm TBD
Dimitris Metaxas, Rutgers University
4:45pm-5:10pm Perceptual Relationship between Personality and Character Motion via Laban Movement Analysis
Funda Durupinar (on behalf of Norm Badler), UPenn

The workshop will take place in the Interschool Laboratory (750 CEPSR), which is in Columbia's Morningside Campus. The most convenient way to get to the Morningside Campus it to take the subway (1 Line - 116th Street) or bus (M4, M5, M11, M60, M104). Streetside parking is also available near the venue.

The Interschool Laboratory is in Schapiro CEPSR, which is located on 120th St. between Broadway and Amsterdam Ave. The main entrance is on campus level, and the Interschool Laboratory is on the 7th floor.
Please contact the organizer Changxi Zheng with any questions about the workshop.