Recent News
2018/09/17Our group's paper Hybrid Grains will be presented at SIGGRAPH Asia 2018! Congratulations to Yonghao, Breannan, Peter, Maytee, Ken and Eitan!
2018/09/04Our group's first NIPS paper BourGAN has been selected as a spotlight presentation! Congratulations to Chang, Peilin, and Changxi!
2018/06/15We will present eight papers at SIGGRAPH 2018!
2017/09/15Our group's first UIST paper AirCode received a Best Paper Award! Congratulations to Ding, Avinash, Shree, and Changxi!
2017/06/26Our group has three papers at the upcoming SIGGRAPH 2017 @ Los Angeles!
Recent Publications
Hybrid Grains: Adaptive Coupling of Discrete and Continuum Simulations of Granular Media
Yonghao Yue, Breannan Smith, Peter Yichen Chen, Maytee Chantharayukhonthorn, Ken Kamrin, Eitan Grinspun
SIGGRAPH Asia 2018

BourGAN: Generative Networks with Metric Embeddings
Chang Xiao, Peilin Zhong, Changxi Zheng
NIPS 2018.

Visual Modeling of Laser-induced Dough Browning
Yichen (Peter) Chen, Jonathan Blutinger, Yorán Meijers, Changxi Zheng, Eitan Grinspun, Hod Lipson
Journal of Food Engineering 2018.

Computational Design of Transformables
Ye Yuan, Changxi Zheng, Stelian Coros
SCA 2018.

FontCode: Embedding Information in Text Documents using Glyph Perturbation
Chang Xiao, Cheng Zhang, Changxi Zheng
Transactions on Graphics 2018.

Natural Boundary Conditions for Smoothing in Geometry Processing
Oded Stein, Eitan Grinspun, Max Wardetzky, Alec Jacobson
Transactions on Graphics 2018.