Gallery of Separation Results
Here, we show several examples of our separation results. In each case, we mention the separation method we have used. In all cases, the scene image is the sum of the computed direct and global images. However, to bring out the details, for some of the scenes we have brightened the direct and global images by a scale factor (between 1 and 2) with respect to the scene image. By clicking on each of the thumbnail images shown below, you can see the corresponding high resolution image.
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Photometric Stereo : Painted Bowl
Method : Line Occluder
Source 1
Source 2
Source 3
Regular Images
Global Images
Direct Images
The top row shows three images of a diffuse painted bowl captured under three different light source directions. The second and third rows show the corresponding global and direct images obtained using a stick occluder.
Photometric Stereo Results : Here we show the actual shape of the bowl measured manually(yellow) and the shapes computed by applying photometric stereo to the regular images(blue) and the direct images(red). As expected, the regular images produce a much shallower shape due to interreflections, while the direct images produce the correct shape.