Fabrication of the Elastic Lens Array

This set of photos illustrate the procedure used to fabricate the elastic lens array. A 33 by 33 lens array mold was machined from aluminum by Contour Metrological and Manufacturing, Inc. We prepared Silopren Liquid Silicone Rubber 7005, a two-part solution, by mixing the two components together in a beaker and then removing the air bubbles that form during mixing using a vacuum chamber. The mold is cleaned and then coated with release agent to make it easy to remove the lens array from the mold after it is cured. We then pour the silicone rubber into the mold and place the mold into an oven. Once the material is cured (hardened) we remove the lens array from the mold. Next, a 33 by 33 aperture sheet made of nylon is glued to the bottom of the lens array. We then attach a diffuser on which each lens forms a spot of light. The entire grid spots formed by the lens array corresponds to a single captured image.