Network Security Self-Assessment Exam

Please answer the questions below. Solutions will be posted Thursday before class. This is meant to be taken as a "closed-book" exam and will not be graded. Do not turn in the solutions. If you get fewer than about 70% right, you may want to reconsider taking the class for credit.

  1. What is CSMA/CD?
  2. What is the difference between a repeater, a router and a bridge?
  3. What are important fields in an IP packet?
  4. What network elements change the IP destination address of an IP packet?
  5. How many hosts fit into a class-C network?
  6. What is TCP flow control and how is it implemented?
  7. What are the steps that a host needs to go through before it can send a packet to Distinguish the case where play is on the same LAN and when it is not.
  8. Sketch the HTTP packet flow needed to get a web page.
  9. What is 1 XOR 0? 1 XOR 1?

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