25th Anniversary of the Department of
Computer Science

at Columbia University

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Thursday, October 21st, 2004 - Faculty House
    6:00 PM Reception
    8:00 PM Dinner Guest Speaker: Peter Likins, President, University of Arizona(242M)
    9:00 PM Comedian(323M)

Friday, October 22nd, 2004 - James Chapel at Union Theological Seminary

Part I: Opening Remarks, Retrospective and Introduction, Keynote(658M)


8:30 am


Opening Remarks



Professor Henning Schulzrinne


Dean Zvi Galil


9:00 am


Retrospective and Introduction


Professor Joseph Traub


9:15 am


Keynote Address


Dr. Bob Kahn, President, Corporation for National Research Initiatives


10:00 am



Part II: Faculty from the department speak(622M)


10:30 am


Faculty from the department speak.
Session Chair: Professor Kathleen McKeown


Mihalis Yanakakis


Testing, Optimization and Games

Rocco Servedio


Influences of Variables in Decision Trees

Ravi Ramamoorthi


Computer Graphics at Columbia

Jason Nieh


Secure Remote Computing Services

Julia Hirschberg


Recognizing Emotional Speech


12:00 pm



Part III: Lunch speaker(126M)

12:45 - 1:15 pm


Lunch speaker, Introduced by Professor Yechiam Yemini


Don Ferguson


The Convergence of Web Services, Grid Service and Business Process Management

Part IV: PhD alumni speakers I (545M)


1:30 pm


PhD alumni speakers I
Session Chair: Professor Gail Kaiser


Dannie Durand


Evaluating Genome Evolution

David Kurlander


Trials and Tribulations Bringing Research to Product

James Kurose


From Queues to QoS to Querying Sensors: What I Learned at Columbia 25 Years Ago Finds New and Continuing Application Every Day

David Lee


Life at Columbia and Beyond


2:30 pm



Part V: PhD alumni speakers II (437M)


3:00 pm


PhD alumni speakers II
Session Chair: Professor Steven Feiner


Daniel Miranker


Metric-Space Database Management to Support Molecular Biology


Cecile Paris


From New York to Sydney, from Language Technology to Multi-disciplinary Research


Michael Reed


Lead Character Modeling for Feature Animation



4:00 pm



Part VI: Undergraduate and Masters alumni speakers (504M)


4:30 pm


Undergraduate and Masters alumni speakers
Session Chair: Professor Peter Allen


Joshua Bloch


Has it Really Been 25 Years?

Seth Haberman


What I Learned at Columbia

Christy Lauridsen


University Technology Transfer

Wilfredo Marrero


Brutus: A Model Checker for Security Protocols


5:30 pm




6:00 pm


Reception and Poster/Demo Session