Timothy Sun

About Me

I'm a third-year PhD student, advised by Changxi Zheng in the Graphics Group. I was also at Columbia as an undergrad, focusing on CS Theory. My senior thesis advisor was Jonathan Gross.

I'm currently interested in computer graphics (especially geometry processing and fabrication), topological graph theory, and discrete geometry.


Computational Design of Twisty Puzzles and Joints
T. Sun, C. Zheng,
SIGGRAPH (Proc. Trans. on Graphics) 2015
Fast Multipole Representation of Diffusion Curves and Points
T. Sun, P. Thamjaroenporn, C. Zheng,
SIGGRAPH (Proc. Trans. on Graphics) 2014
Genus distributions of cubic series-parallel graphs
J. L. Gross, M. Kotrbcik, T. Sun,
DMTCS (2014) Vol. 16 No. 3
On Milgram's construction and the Duke embedding conjectures
T. Sun, Senior Thesis. Advisor: Jonathan Gross
Drawing some 4-regular planar graphs with integer edge lengths
T. Sun, CCCG 2013
Rigidity-theoretic constructions of integral Fary embeddings
T. Sun, CCCG 2011
Rigidity of graph joins and Hendrickson's conjecture
T. Sun, C. Ye,
Columbia Summer REU 2010. Advisor: Dylan Thurston


I like to solve Rubik's Cube and related puzzles for speed. My official results can be found here. I've held six national titles and twelve North American records, and I won three bronze medals at the 2009 World Championships.

I also play in the Columbia badminton club. Since Fall 2012, I have been the captain of the team.