Computational Genomics

CBMF W4761
Computer Science · Biomedical Engineering · Medical Informatics
Columbia University
Spring Semester, 2004

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  • Welcome to CBMF 4761 Computational Genomics, Spring 2004
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Course description: In this course, we explore new computational approaches for studying genomic data, including biological sequence data and gene expression ("gene chip") data. Our focus is on machine learning techniques: probabilistic models such as hidden Markov models, learning algorithms like support vector machines and clustering for classification problems, Bayesian networks for inferring regulatory networks.

Instructor: Prof. Christina Leslie
Office 466 Mudd
Office Hours: Wed 4-6pm and by appointment
(After 5pm, call my office and I'll let you into CS)
Telephone: 212-939-7043
Head TA: Eugene Ie
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TA Office Hours: Tues 3-5pm in 471 Mudd
TA: Devang Thakkar
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TA Office Hours: Wed 2-3pm, Thurs 3-4pm in TA Room (Mudd)